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Loro Piana offers unique resources for creating living spaces imbued with the same effortless elegance and personality its clothing is renowned for. The Interiors line of decor fabrics, wallcoverings, furniture, carpeting, and accessories is devoted to connoisseurs of Loro Piana style and quality.


For city residences the Loro Piana Interiors line offers the finest cashmere and merino wool blended with linen or silk, the perfect solution for both upholstery and decor. The fabrics also make ideal wall coverings: the sound-dampening properties of natural fibres create an intimate, relaxing haven.


There is also a special range for professionals, for creating unique work environments using cashmere, merino wool and linen fabrics, designed for durability and treated with special stain-resistant finishes.

Loro Piana Furniture Collection
Loro Piana Furniture Collection
The "Delight" chairs by Exteta
"Ballroom" Mohair velvet
"Villa" stripe
"Sinuoso" wallpaper and "Gallery" velvet stripe
"Kirman Embroidery" drapery fabric
2021 Collection - Balthazar
2021 Collection - Damask
2021 Collection Books are available for your library
2021 Collection- Newari
2021 Collecton - pillows
2021 Collection - Ghibli
2021 Collection
2021 Collection - outdoor fabrics, Malibu and Antibes
collection 2021 - Arles
2020 wallpaper and linen stripes
2020 wool stripe
2020 wool stripe
2020 outdoor fabric
Wallpaper 2020
new textures and stripes 2020
Wallpaper 2020
outdoor fabric and rugs
2020 rugs
textured wallpaper
ready made throws
Sisal carpeting
Adorable goat

Textiles, Wallcovering, Furniture, Carpeting, Rugs, and Accessories

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