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At le gracieux, great care and time has been devoted to producing a line of fine printed linens that possess a look and feel of antiquity. They use hand made materials and procedures that have been employed through the ages.

Their hemp and linen fabrics are hand harvested in much the same way they have been for centuries. They are hand printed and dyed at their own studio on a fabric that is naturally beautiful, durable and safe for the environment. The final product is one that is truly gracious and worthy of the name le gracieux.

Douglas Funkhouser has developed le gracieux, his own line of hand-crafted hemp textiles. He borrowed the term from an essay by French author Montesquieu, in which he discusses the many degrees of pleasure contained within the arts. Le gracieux was listed among them, meaning "that which is refined and beautiful." Douglas says, "It's important for my textiles to possess an ageless sense of beauty and a hand softened by time."

2023 Anniversary Collction from le gracieux
New collection with Jeffrey Bilhuber
new collection
Verona Resist Bay and Heather
Product Image-Mariano
Salon Gildeds Metallics
Mariano Azul and Apricot Product Shot
Verona Amber Product Shot
Product Shot- Mariano Azul and Apricot
Cetona Product Shot
Note from Lisa and Doug

Printed Textiles

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