Philomela is a California based design studio specializing in original, hand-drawn, painted and printed, expertly formatted textiles for interiors. Our bold, intricate patterns balance delicacy with daring and bring a sense of celebration into every space. 

The collection mixes antagonistic styles and conventions: baroque & modern, word & image, highbrow & downtown, hand constructed & digitally manipulated in a libertine mix of West Coast hedonism. 

Bonnie Saland is a practicing artist based in Pasadena and The Sea Ranch, California. A free-spirited exercise in investigation surfaces in every pattern she engineers. She weathers the ebbs of change and rides the flow of creation-in her own words,"the Sea is my true North." 

Dual workshops amplify the natural/cultural, rural/urban mix revealing the shimmering energy of two delightfully different environments. The Sea Ranch Studio expands upon Northern California's sensuous natural abundance bringing a respectful stewardship of the land indoors. Equally influential is the vibrant eclectic culture of our L.A. based studio.


Philomela themes layered in wallpapers and fabrics infuse interiors with a liveliness and sense of deep connection. See our considerable catalog of at 200+ carefully constructed and unique patterns here. Beauty and utility are mutually generative. The applications of Philomela are limited only by the imagination.  

Printed Textiles and Wallcovering


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